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No. d'article: GS-HP/A
1.Aluminum Coquille de bâti de la gravité ;
2.LED est conforme à la norme FAA;
3. Bonne preuve de eau et dissipation de la chaleur; Source de lumière
4.High-power LED, luminosité élevée.

Type GS-HP/A
Power Supply Optional voltage: AC220V,  AC120V, DC48V
Power Supply Frequency 50HZ~60HZ
Average Power Consumption ≤ 10W
Working Mode Steady burning
Maximum Intensity ≥100cd
Light Source Service Life ≥20 years
Emitting Color White
Overall Size ¢194mm(D)×140mm(H)
Minimum Embedded Pit Size ¢199mm×145mm
IP Protection IP66
Ambient Temperature -20℃~60℃
Net Weight 4.5Kg
Humidity <95%
Altitude <4500M

Function & Features 
  1. Adopt the superior thermal performance of aviation aluminum weight casting,provides excellent cooling environment for LED light source.
  2. With work stability, strong anti-interference ability and shock resistance.
  3. Full sealed structure base, with superior waterproof performance.
  4. With storm surge protection device.
  5. Shielding sealed power supply, with excellent waterproof and anti-jamming.
  6. Adopt independent encapsulation of high-power LED light source,which has the specific of high light brightness, and long service life.

Usage notice 
  1. Don't use any out of nominal voltage,or will destroy equipment.
  2. Do not open it if the device is out of operation, in order not to be hurt by the internal high pressure.
  3. After finished the installation, the personnel must check whether the device is in a good waterproof processing and whether the screw spikes are tightened.
  4. Non-professional workers can not do the device maintenance, so as not to expand the error and be hurt.


Dimension drawing 

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